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The large-bearing basket rope forming machine independently developed by Hanbang Co., Ltd. was successfully delivered

Time:2017-10-03     |     Read:1651

On October 12, the large-bearing basket rope forming machine independently designed, developed and produced by Hanbang Co., Ltd. was loaded and shipped out of the car, opening the way for the production of steel wire rope twisting equipment.


In April 2017, entrusted by a steel wire rope manufacturer in East China, and at the same time, in response to the general trend of Hanbang Co., Ltd. expanding product categories, the two parties reached a purchase and sale cooperation. Hanbang Co., Ltd. mobilized the company’s backbone R&D personnel to absorb and digest advanced equipment design concepts and advanced technology at home and abroad. From design, R&D and production, continuous testing and repeated communication, and finally after 5 months of ingenious manufacturing, successfully developed Hanbang The company's first large-bearing basket rope forming machine.

This equipment is one of the few large-bearing basket rope forming machines in China, which realizes the application of two key technologies of large-scale rope forming machines: one is the use of large bearing support technology; the other is stepless twisting automation control technology. The successful delivery of this set of equipment is not only the development result of Hanbang's products and technology, but also provides valuable experience for the design, development and production of domestic large-bearing basket rope forming machines.