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Hanbang's production and operation in 2019 welcomes a good start

Time:2019-02-19     |     Read:1693

On February 19, 2019, when the whole country celebrated the Lantern Festival, Hanbang Co., Ltd. signed contracts with two key customers at home and abroad. The total contract amount exceeded US$4 million, and the production and operation were welcomed to a good start.


Since Hanbang was listed on the New Third Board in 2016, the company's development has taken a high-quality and rapid development path. The company has closely focused on customer needs, continuously improved its research and development level and product quality, and served customers in a full range, and has achieved a good reputation. , More and more recognized by influential metal product manufacturers at home and abroad.

One of the foreign customers of the other party signing this contract is an important metal product enterprise in a Southeast Asian country. The contract stipulates that the company will provide wire drawing machines and tubular stranding machines. As it is a key project of the company, the customer’s president personally came to sign the contract; this contract was signed by the other party One of the domestic customers is one of the largest listed metal products companies in China and a key enterprise in Guizhou Province. The contract stipulates that the company will provide wire drawing machine products. After multiple rounds of strict screening and evaluation by customers through public bidding, Hanbang shares stand out.


This signing proves the company's continuous deep cultivation and promotion of the competitive advantages brought by the product brand, and further strengthens the company's global development strategy and market positioning to serve the needs of mid- to high-end customers. Hanbang shares will take this opportunity to repay customers with full enthusiasm, high-quality products and services.